Our only objective is to improve
the profitability and position
of your business.


Our relationship with our clients can be wide ranging, and can include strategic and market planning; product management; and voice of customer. Representative examples of engagements include:

  • Achieved acceptance, funding, and commitment; developed requirements and specification; launched major new product, growing line from less than $10 million to $70 million.
  • Develop strategic alliances and partnerships for new business and technologies
  • Determined that an innovative marketing program would not change customer behavior, saving millions of dollars
  • Stopped share slide; reemphasized quality; increased share of voice; changed distribution system, resulting in record profits and renewed growth
  • Assessed market perception of relative product quality, leading to repositioning of product line and end markets
  • Identified and evaluated acquisition targets

In addition to our white papers, we have been involved in a number of major industry studies, including:

  • The Future of Retail Advertising
  • North American Brand Owners' Influence on the Printing/Purchasing Process
  • Understanding Communication Platform Trends
  • Trends and Future of Direct Marketing
  • The Electronic Displacement of Print

We also work with a number of financial clients, principally but not exclusively on the buy-side, in evaluating industry and company prospects.

Although not a focus of our practice, we have assisted with a number of printers on strategy, cost structure, and business development.

  • For a $20 million printer, we identified promising industries and local companies and assisted in the development of a targeted sales and marketing campaign, resulting in winning a number of major accounts.
  • Coached a small printer in requesting and evaluating proposals for and selection of a new computer-to-plate system and workflow.
  • Mapped workflow and cost structure, identifying potential areas for improvement.
  • Evaluated strategic options for specialty printer in their successful move into another print market.
  • For a number of flexible packaging and label printers, identified key areas of improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness.