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John Zarwan has written for a number of printing and packaging industry and association publications. He is the author of a number of seminal white papers, including Plates in the Press Room: The Fujifilm Advantage (.pdf), The Environmental Impact of a Printing Plate (.pdf), CTP Plate Making: Understanding the Real Costs (.pdf).

Markets and Market Trends:

Turning Over a New Page (The Canadian Book Market)
Canadian Printer, December 2008

Attention to Detail (High Quality Printers)
Canadian Printer, November 2008

Meeting Deadlines (Canadian Magazine Market)
Canadian Printer, September 2008

Quick Printing: Still Alive
Canadian Printer, January/February 2008

Traffic Slowdown
Canadian Printer, June 2007

Magazines: Paper or Silicon?
The Seybold Report, May 2007

Directory Dynamics
Canadian Printer, January/February 2007

Magazine Economics
Canadian Publisher, October 2006

Direct Mail Delivers
American Printer, August 2006

The Future of Books
Canadian Printer, June 2006

Newspaper Trends and Issues
Canadian Printer, April/May 2006

Channel Shifting
Canadian Printer, March 2006


Plates in the Press Room: The Fujifilm Advantage

The Environmental Impact of a Printing Plate

The Clean-Plate Club
American Printer, April 2007

Processless and the Environment
Graphic Arts Magazine, March 2007

CTP Payoff
Graphic Arts Magazine, February 2007

Understanding the Real Costs of CTP
American Printer, April 2006

CTP: It's About Time
Graphic Arts Magazine  April, 2005

Digital Printing

Digital Colour
Graphic Arts Magazine, September 2007

Offset and Digital for Profitability
Graphic Arts Magazine, June 2007

Variable Data Printing
Graphic Arts Magazine


Packaging Print: Paperboard Potential
Canadian Printer, January/February 2006

Thinking of Diversifying in Packaging?, December 2005

Packaging Outlook and Trends
Packaging Printer, March 2004

Is Packaging a Real Opportunity for Commercial Printers?
Print Action, June 2003


JDF: Why and How?
Canadian Printer  December, 2005

A Wider View of Opportunity
Print Action, September 2003

Stochastic Screening: Style or Substance?
Print Action, October 2003